January 2017  
2 Fall semester lessons and classes resume after Winter Break.
14 Fall semester ends: Last day of lessons and classes.
16-20 CSA break between semesters.

First day of spring semester: Lessons begin.

February 2017  
21 Merit Scholarship Recital at Spirit Square.
March 2017  
19 Suzuki Chamber Concert at 4pm at Southminster Retirement Community.
April 2017  
1 Merit Scholarship Auditions at Booth Playhouse
10-16 Spring Break: No lessons or classes.
17 Spring semester classes and lessons resume after spring break.
22 Traditional Recitals at Spirit Square.
May 2017  
6 Suzuki Spring Recitals at Covenant Presbyterian Church.
13 We Are the Arts: Rock & Blues Concert at Spirit Square
27-29 Memorial Day Weekend: No lessons or classes.
June 2017  
5 Spring semester ends: Last day of lessons and classes.
6 Summer semester begins.