Mission and Vision


Transforming lives and inspiring community through outstanding and accessible arts education.



Community School of the Arts envisions a future in which Charlotte leads the nation in making outstanding arts instruction available to all children.   CSA demonstrates daily that arts education transforms the human spirit and improves our region’s quality of life.

By providing the most respected music and art programs in the region, CSA unleashes the creativity of future generations and brings joy, confidence and a sense of accomplishment to its students.  CSA actively nurtures Charlotte’s future innovators, leaders and arts enthusiasts.

As it models equality and inclusion in arts education, CSA welcomes into its program every student, regardless of ability to pay, and educates its community about the absolute necessity of encouraging and welcoming all children to pursue their artistic dreams.

By acting as a passionate advocate, CSA leads the civic dialogue about the value of arts education by helping parents, educators and Charlotteans fully understand the benefits of participatory music and art instruction. CSA collaborates with a wide range of non-profits, schools, faith-based and fellow arts organizations to raise awareness of the transformative power of arts education.



We value excellence in instruction, curriculum, programming and teaching facilities.  We value excellence in our interactions with our community and will operate a student-centered institution.

We value accessibility to students regardless of their financial, geographic, ethnic, racial or artistic backgrounds.  We value outreach to our students and to our community, particularly through programs in neighborhoods with limited exposure to arts education.

We value joy throughout all levels of our School, from our governance and administration to our daily teaching.  We value the arts as a means of inspiration and we will celebrate the achievements of our students, faculty, staff and volunteers.

We value an environment that nurtures our students with caring faculty, attentive staff and welcoming, safe facilities.  We value arts education for all students and honor the remarkable variety of motivations that inspire students and families to pursue artistic instruction.

We value diversity of background, thought, artistic experience and perspective in our students, faculty, staff and volunteers.  We value an environment in which students regularly encounter and learn from different races, cultures, ages and nationalities.

We value sustainability of business operations and continuity of educational programs, with the goal of offering maximum consistency to our students, parents, faculty and community partners.  We value responsible stewardship of our resources and ceaseless engagement with the community we serve.



Community School of the Arts’ founding vision is that an exceptional arts education should be accessible to all—a vision that continues to guide the School to this day.  The School values accessibility and diversity in all aspects of its operations and welcomes all—regardless of race, age, disability, faith, sex, sexual orientation, social class, ethnicity, and gender identity—to have the opportunity to be transformed and inspired by an outstanding arts education.