Discovering Suzuki - Introduction to Violin Workshop


This two-hour workshop is designed as an introduction to CSA’s 6-week Discovering Suzuki class, offered this Spring from February to March!  Based on the School’s popular Discovering Suzuki Summer Camp, the workshop provides a fun introduction to the violin for children. Using instruments that they make themselves, students will learn the parts of the instrument, how to care for a violin, and how to hold an instrument and bow. Additional activities include music and movement lessons and listening games.  This class is intended for students and their caregiver.  The cost of this workshop will be waived for those students who also register for CSA’s 6-week Discovering Suzuki class.


3 to 5
The Plaza Satellite Studios, 1900 The Plaza
Saturday, February 10, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Taught by Marissa Keener






Registerfor the Discovering Suzuki Workshop at the Plaza Satellite Studios


**Please contact the office at or 704.377.4187 if you have already registered for the Disovering Suzuki Class and wish to register for the workshop for free.