Portrait Drawing for Adults


Have you ever wanted to capture the faces of friends and loved ones in something other than a photograph? This class will focus on drawing representational portraits from life, by observing our classmates directly and ourselves in the mirror. Learn the basics of facial anatomy and proportion, and how to capture the elusive quality of “likeness” that makes figure drawings seem to come to life. We will experiment with traditional dry media (graphite and charcoal) as well as wet media (ink washes) and color drawing media (pastels and acrylic washes).


This session 2 class pairs well with Drawing for Adults or Painting for Adults, both in session 1.


FEE: $185 for 6 two-hour classes, including basic materials
WHERE: Spirit Square Art Studio, Uptown Charlotte
A 6-week session
Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
April 10 - May 15
Taught by Jason Watson


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