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What is Continuo?

In music, the “basso continuo,” or simply “continuo,” is the fundamental harmonic support, played by a low pitched instrument reinforcing the sound of the bass line and additional instruments playing full chords. The continuo provides and sustains the full harmony of the musical texture.

As in music, Continuo members will lead in providing CSA a more continuous “bass line” from which to build. Through leadership gifts, Continuo will maintain our commitment to excellence, strengthen our programs and expand our impact into underserved areas — allowing the School to transform the lives of Charlotte children through outstanding arts education. By giving $1,000 or more to CSA, you play a leadership role in the life of the School and make a powerful statement about the value of arts education for all.

Membership is based on cumulative giving within CSA’s fiscal year — July 1 to June 30.


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Giving Levels

Transforming: $5,000

  • Weekly violin ensemble outreach classes
  • Summer keyboard and visual art classes in one low-income community
  • Private visual art lessons once a week for four low-income students

Inspiring: $2,500

  • Six violins and cases for students at a Title I elementary school
  • Visual art classes once a week for homeless children and their families
  • Private music lessons once a week for two low-income students

Educating: $1,000

  • Participation in the Charlotte Children’s Choir for three low-income students
  • Supplies for music and visual art classes in afterschool programs and shelters
  • Private music lessons once a week for one low-income student